Home Improvements – Room Makeover

Surprise yourself and others too!We know you have recently been through an experience that you would not want to repeat too often, but as they do say: ‘Every cloud has a silver lining.This may just be the time to take the opportunity to freshen up that room or even give it a complete makeover. Your room or rooms now need to have a certain amount of work done, so why not go the full yard and get that all new lookWhere do I start?OK, a room and its contents can be split into four main categories:1. Flooring RetailersA great place to start a room makeover is the floor covering. Patterned or plain, light or dark, hard flooring or soft, this will then allow you to work your way up and throughout the rest of the room.2. Walls and ceilingsIf you take the time to browse the shops and stores, you will find a wide variety of products that can transform your walls and ceilings. Wallpapers, tiles and paints to suit all tastes, from bold and brash patterns to subtle shades of paints and papers. Why not try and combine the two?3. Furnishing StoresFurniture can be simply categorized into two groups, those that have curves and are rounded and those with sharp, square lines, Again, using a mixture of the two can work to good effect. My tip is to have one dominant group which will give the room a certain identification.4. Soft FurnishingAnd last, but certainly not least, soft furnishings are the vehicle to bring all the four categories together to create that special room. Alongside ornaments, pictures, rugs and those personal touches, soft furnishings can make or break a room.So there you have it, just a few ideas to create a completely new look to a room.With a little bit of courage and time spent planning, you may just surprise yourself, and others too!Good Luck!

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