Digital Web Books For 2011

Fortune2x2 Digital Web BooksDigital Web Books are more and more becoming the norm rather than the standard hard cover or paperback novels.Since the introduction of the Kindle, iPad and others, digital downloads have increased dramatically over the last few years.Fortune2x2 CEO saw this vision and immediately went to work to find the ultimate product for the growing market. He found Tony Shore who brought the new technology to Fortune2x2. Although this product has been on the market, for a short while, not many knew about it and Robert was quick to scoop it up as a primary product for the launch of Fortune2x2.The programmed launched in December of 2010 and grew quite fast with almost 8000 members in just 7 short weeks. As they moved into 2011, a few changes were made to accelerate the business even more with announcements of even more products and more opportunity for members to make an income.The Digital Web Books provide a very state-of-the-art design which allows members to create their own books as well as authors to use our service to publish their books and novels.The DWB’s allow for text, illustrations and video making these books very attractive to the buyer.As a member of Fortune2x2, you receive 4 new digital web books every month that you can use to share with others as well as use to refer people to the program. Even if you’re not interested in the business side of Fortune2x2, you can still make an additional income through sharing the books.Members do not have to participate in the business side of Fortune2x2, they can just use and share the books.On the business side of things though, Fortune2x2 makes it very easy for you to make an additional income with the program because of their unique design of the compensation plan. For the first time in the industry, someone has developed a plan that will create a residual income without having to pay any more than a one time fee of $39.95.It is very simple how it works. It has 3 phases which are:The 2×1 Power Start: the 2×1 generates funds to move into the 2x2The 2×2 Follow Me: this generates funds to become subscribed in the 2×10 ($50 for 2 months subscription) and pay out $100 bonusThe 2×10 Power Matrix: this generates residual income on all subscribed members. Each subscribed member (cycled out of the 2×2) had paid in $20 (paid by the company on their behalf from their 2×2 cycling) towards the residual commissions for all members in their up-line 10 levels up.That is why the KEY is to work with your team and get them cycling through the 2×2. which allows for each member to go through the program without having to pay any more money out of pocket. The entire matrix for one position pays out over $5800 per monthThe other great thing is that each member after cycling 6 times, will have $600.00 in profit and 1 full year paid for in advance to their 2×10 matrix which pays them monthly.Now, on every 7th cycle, they create a brand new positions within their own 2×10 and the cycle system continues on paying for 12 months subscription for that position.So you see, the end result is staggering.Keep in mind that a solid and reputable business opportunity is built on a foundation of a great company, repeat customers and loyal distributors.Have a wonderful fortune with your Fortune2x2 opportunity.

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